Center Consoles

Our center consoles come standard with glove, cup and towel dispensers, a sink base cabinet for additional storage, upper storage pass through cabinets, base storage cabinets, a concealed x-ray cabinet, and equipment area storage under the x-ray cabinet. Shown below is our standard unit. There are over 1000 laminate colors available to suit your needs.

Dispensing Unit - This dispensing unit features a single door with glove/tissue dispensers and is equipped with a cup and towel dispenser below.

Base Storage - Doctor's side is equipped with a pull-out writing surface with a single drawer beneath. Under the drawer on the doctor's side is a blank panel which backs up to three drawers on the assistant side.

X-Ray Area - This X-ray cabinet is enclosed using bi-fold doors on both sides of the cabinet. This allows the X-ray unit to be used on either side of the central console unit.

Equipment Area - The equipment area directly below the x-ray compartment is divided into 2 banks of cabinets, left and right. A bank of cabinets on the doctor's side will feature a blank panel on the assistant's side. Cabinets on the assistant side will feature a blank panel on the doctor side. This console is shown with one bank of cabinets on either side.

All cabinet doors and drawers on this unit are shown with standard door and drawer pulls.

87" Height 87" Height 72" Height
22" Width 22" Width 22" Width
109" Depth 109" Depth 96" Depth

Standard Feature

Lifetime warranty • Serial numbered • Dowel Pin Constructed using only 3/4” materials for sides, tops, bottoms, doors and drawers • 3mm edging on all doors and drawers • Customer configured cabinetry • Choice of door pulls • Powder coated steel toe kick • Over 1000 colors to choose from

Optional Features

Inlaid glass doors • Glass shelves • Cup and towel dispenser • Glove dispenser • 15” round stainless steel sink • Single lever and cold faucet • Solid surface counter tops • Hands free faucet • 4” trash drop

Dentists Choice offers 4 major brands for laminate counter top: Formica, Wilsonart, Nevamar and Pionite. In addition we offer 10 of the top solid surface manufacturers, featuring Corian, Gibralter, and Staron. Manufactured stone products such as Silestone quartz and Zodiac quartz are also available.

All our cabinetry features 3mm PVC edging to compliment the over 1000 available laminate colors that can be used for your cabinets. All hardware, door hinges and drawer slides, are manufactured by Blum - the leader in the industry.

3 Mil PVC Edging

One option available for door and drawer edging is wood grain 3mm PVC edging. The wood trim option is available in several colors. Dentist's Choice Cabinetry will match your selected wood grain to the closest 3mm edging available. As a second option, color 3mm PVC edging is also available in six accent colors. These colors compliment any of the over 1000 laminate colors you can select for your cabinets.

Blum Hinges

All cabinet hinges are manufactured by Blum, the industry leader in cabinet hardware manufacturing. All door hinges are installed using air pressure technology to ensure a tight installation fit for years of durability.