Our Facility

Computer Operated Beam Saw

A computer controlled beam saw is used to cut all cabinet parts. We only use 3/4" thick material for all cabinet sides, tops and bottoms unlike the leading competitor who only use 5/8". Extremely tight tollerances can be held because of the accuracy of the machine.

CNC Point-to-Point Boring Machine

The next step in the process is to mill the cut parts. This machine bores all assembly, hardware and inline holes for shelf supports, as well as cuts the groove for the cabinet back panel.

Edge Bander

After all cabinet parts are cut and milled, the edges need to be finished. All cabinet sides, tops, and bottoms are edged using .05 mil PVC tape. All cabinet doors and drawer faces are edged using 3 mil PVC edging. The edge bander on the left utilizes a hot melt adhesive to bond the edging to the cabinet parts. This machine also trims the edges and rounds the 3 mil PVC edging. This provides a long lasting and durable finish to all cabinet edges.

Following edge banding the cabinets are assembled using glue and dowel pin construction. All cabinets are placed in a case clamp to ensure total adhesion of all cabinet parts into a strong and durable cabinet for your application. The finishing touches, such as door hinges, drawer slides, and door handles are all added after the cabinet has been assembled. In addition we screw all of our modular cabinetry together making it the strongest cabinet on the market today.

I hope you have enjoyed our brief tour. Please enjoy looking through our pages at the cabinets shown and feel free to contact us at (866) 539-3611 with any questions.